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Forum and Clan Guidelines Please read these guidelines before posting and watch them for changes.

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Default Forum Rules and Guidelines

These forums have been primarily created to allow the exchange of information between Rogue Tribe members within a community atmosphere. The guidelines below that we ask all members to respect are not intended to limit the topics or scope of discussion but to help maintain a friendly community atmosphere which is vital to the success of these forums.

Acceptable Use

The following will not be tolerated on these forums and, at the sole discretion of TOLRA Micro Systems Limited or its representatives, may lead to removal of posts, threads, comments, blog entries, other posted content and/or suspension/termination of forum access for the member:
  1. Harassment of or personal attacks on members or staff via posts, private messages or emails.
  2. The use of obscene words as determined by TOLRA Micro Systems Limited or its representatives. Children may read these forums.
  3. Use of inappropriate avatars or other imagery (including, but not limited to: drug, adult-oriented content, violence, etc.)
  4. Linking to content of an obscene, inappropriate or illegal nature.
  5. Cross posting (posting the same message in multiple forums)
  6. Reposting a message that was previously deleted or edited by TOLRA Micro Systems Limited or its representatives.
  7. Attempting to circumvent a ban placed upon a user.
  8. Hotlinking to images, using the img tag, where you do not own, control, have permission to or are responsible for the server where they are hosted. Posting a link to the images is acceptable.
  9. Excessively large signatures, as determined by us, will be removed.
  10. Signing up for multiple accounts.
  11. Spamming, trolling or deliberate obnoxious behaviour which may be detrimental to these forums. Spamming will result in removal of access.
  12. Impersonation of TOLRA Micro Systems Limited staff or that of its representatives.
  13. Republication of copyrighted information, including the linking to or mention of sites that infringe copyright.
TOLRA Micro Systems Limited and its representatives reserve the sole right to determine what constitutes a breach of these rules.

TOLRA Micro Systems Limited and its representatives reserve the right to edit and/or remove posts, threads, comments, blog entries or other content at any time without notice for any reason.

Personal Information

Please remember these forums can be read by anybody therefore think before posting any personal information.


Moderators are here to help make your life easier and keep the forums running smoothly, however should you have problems with the actions of a moderator please contact one of the admins via the private messaging (PM) system.

All posts (content submitted by users) express the views of the author, TOLRA Micro Systems Limited nor its representatives take any responsibility for the content of any post nor will the content of any post form any binding agreement.

TOLRA Micro Systems Limited reserves the right to modify these guidelines at anytime without prior warning, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the latest guidelines. By posting on these forums, you are consenting to these guidelines in their entirety, and agree to accept any penalties that may arise from violation of these guidelines.
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